5 Important Tips For Whole Home Remodeling In Cherry Hill

June 1, 2017 at 5:45 pm | Category: Remodeling

whole home remodeling

When you live in an older Cherry Hill home, remodeling it can take some time. This is especially true if nearly every part of your home needs to be updated. You may be asking yourself where to begin, knowing it may take several projects and quite a bit of time to get it all done.

Older homes can get run down over time if they haven’t been kept up over the years. Some homes are much worse off than others, with drywall problems, insulation problems. Remodeling isn’t always only about aesthetics, it can be about comfort factors as well.

There are some things you’ll want to get done in your Cherry Hill remodeling project that for your comfort while living in your home. Zaprala Remodel has put together this short list of five important things to keep in mind when planning your whole home remodeling project.

Remodeling Tips From Industry Experts:

  1. More space with additions.It’s important for your Cherry Hill home to have enough space for you to live there comfortably. You may do well to add on or remodel a bathroom to serve you better. Walls can be moved around along with plumbing and electrical systems. Adding on can be done in most cases, so you can have an additional bathroom or a better room for your children to play in.
  2. Insulation and Weather Proofing.Before anything else, you’ll want to make sure your older home has proper insulation. Good weather proofing should keep your home sealed. Not only can you improve your energy costs, but you’ll have fewer moisture problems with indoor humidity. Your doors may need to be weather proofed and your windows may need to be replaced. Your attic, wall, crawlspace and other areas should be well insulated with no missing gaps or neglected spots.
  3. Good siding and roof structures.The siding and roof of your home play an important role in keeping your home sealed up tight. While you do want to have proper ventilation, that doesn’t mean you should have any gaps or missing building materials. Your roofing and siding should at least be inspected before you bypass having any work done in those areas.
  4. Good wiring and up to date electrical.Your electrical system may need to be redone. Remodeling can include replacing your wiring and panel box. Older homes simply don’t have what it takes to deliver the power we need today. One or two outlets in most rooms with some areas having none at all can cause problems with surging or overloading the circuits. Be sure your home is properly wired before thinking about anything else to change.
  5. Plumbing remodeling.Before you work on anything cosmetic for your remodeling project, make sure your plumbing systems do not need attention. It may take just a small project to fix rusted out connections or scale-laden fixtures.

Having a Cherry Hill remodeling contractor replace your small fixtures, like your faucets and handles, can go a long way to improving your fresh water quality. Also, be sure your water heater is cleaned and working properly so you don’t add sediments and scale to your drain pipes, dishwasher, washing machine, and hot water lines. You may also want to update some of your large fixtures, like replacing your old worn out tub with a nice shiny new one.

If you would like to learn more remodeling tips for your Cherry Hill home, please contact Zaprala Remodel, LLC at 856-981-7569 or complete our online request form.