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Our South New Jersey Design/Build Services

Design build process

Your home is your most valuable asset. Because Philadelphia remodeling can get confusing, Zaprala Romano Remodeling guides you through the process with our proven CriticalPath Work Flow System. Below is an outline showing how our system turns your remodeling idea into a reality. Your first step is to schedule a free consultation.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • Discuss project specifics, wants and needs, materials and budget
  • Take field measurements; assess residence for energy efficiency, traffic flow, style, etc.
  • Make next appointment for presentation at the home

Step 2: Plan, Design & Present

  • Plan the project, including design/drawings, products and materials, the work flow and budget
  • Drawings include floor plan and perspectives allowing homeowner to visualize the finished project
  • Discuss with customer

Step 3: Product Selection

  • Offer flexible options: 1) customer selects products, or 2) we make recommendations to consider and choose from

Step 4: Contract

  • Contract with final specs, materials, measurements, budget and payment schedule written out
  • Signature and deposit

Step 5: Before Work Begins

  • Work out job logistics, discuss with homeowner
  • Ensure products are ordered properly so they can be tracked for delivery when and where expected
  • Procure permits, applications, approvals, etc.
  • Arrange for any electrical, plumbing, phone/cable, HVAC, etc.
  • Obtain insurances to protect homeowner and property
  • If subcontractors, craftsmen and/or suppliers are necessary, select only those who subscribe to Zaprala Romano Remodeling quality standards

Step 6: Final Stage of Project

  • Follow CriticalPath scheduling and complete work assignments to exact specs as scheduled
  • Meet at customer's request to discuss project status and remaining work
  • At completion, make sure everything works properly
  • Clean up and remove debris, materials, tools, protective coverings, etc.
  • Conduct final walk-through to ensure total homeowner satisfaction
  • Go over instructions, discuss warranties

Step 7: Follow-through

  • Call homeowner in three months to make sure everything is right

Zaprala Romano Remodeling establishes a partnership with a customer that enables us to collaborate and create remodeling solutions together. If you know exactly what you want, we can build to your specifications. But if you are unsure, we have the creativity and experience to brainstorm a variety of actionable alternatives. This partnership approach is an important quality that distinguishes our company among remodelers.

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