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South New Jersey Deck Building Services


Imagine coming home to your very own vacation sanctuary—right on your own property! That's what many families are doing in today's economy. Instead of taking expensive vacations to distant destinations, they are finding fun and enjoyment in the private oasis of a sunroom or backyard deck.

Zaprala Romano Remodeling can replace or build a new deck or sunroom that enhances your home's looks and value, gives you more outdoor or indoor living space and greater enjoyment year after year.

We work with you to understand how you plan to use the Cherry Hill deck, frequency of use and estimated number of people, the privacy and sunlight/shade you want, placement of furniture and similar design factors. Then we custom-build it in the shape, size and style you ask for, working with all deck materials and equipment. We also help you choose from a wide selection of convenience accessories and high-tech audio-visual wizardry.

We make everything fit seamlessly into your property layout, and make sure everything suits your budget—and your fancy. By doing the work ourselves and handling everything from setting the foundation to installing lighting, we give you exactly the deck you asked for!

Our South New Jersey Deck Services

  • Philadelphia Deck Building
  • Deck Design
  • Patio Building
  • Patio Design
  • Screened in Patio
  • Deck Staining
  • Cherry Hill Deck Repair
  • Custom Deck
  • Pool Decks
  • Spa Decks
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Patio Remodeling

Why South New Jersey Should Hire Us For Decks

"Surprise" is a word that you never want to hear from a New Jersey remodeling contractor. Zaprala Romano Remodeling takes the initiative to open and keep two-way communications over the course of your home improvement project. Our clients are never kept in the dark about any aspect of our work. You will never have to worry about sub-contractors, we are a single source company and that is the link that ties all our activities together. Our remodeling contractors are fully licensed and insured and we take complete responsibility for every aspect of work from the design to successful delivery of the project. This enables you to stay focused on your life and family without disruption to home, work or school activities.

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